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ZXC2000 Directional Drilling Rig Guidance System
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ZXC2000 mining inclinometer is special designed system for directional drilling rig.With combined features of other similar products abroad and domestic, it isable to measure and record real time data accurately. By using on-site powersupply, there is no need of battery which greatly reduced production costs. Asmall sized data processor makes the system maintenance and upgrade much easier.

Specificationsand technical parameters:

Probe Size】                            Φ40mm×1187mm

Probe Weight】                      7.6kg

InclinationError】                ±0.2°(-90° 90°)

Azimuth Error】                    ±1.5°( 0° 360°)

TLF】                                       ±1.5°

Working Inclination】        -90 °~ +90°

Working Temperature    -10 +125

Main Characteristics:

  1. Instead of using battery as power supplyin hole, on-site power supply is used through explosion-proof and intrinsic-safepower box which speed up the work progress and reduce the production costs

  2. The survey probe is built with hi-impactresistant and anti-vibration sensors with excellent stability for long-termusage

  3. The survey probe is mounted withthree-wing plug to simplify the installation

  4. Data processor is separated from on-sitecomputer to make maintenance and upgrade easier

  5. Multiple real time data can be monitoredat the same time: Inclination, Azimuth, TLF, Temperature, Magnetic Inclination,Total Magnetic Field and Total Acceleration

  6. Able to operate under certainelectricity leakage condition