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YHX7.2 Rotary Drilling Rig Inclinometer
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YHX7.2is mainly used for different boring of underground coal mine, such as gas drainageboring, water drainage boring and exploratory boring etc. The inclinometerincludes survey probe, non-magnetic drill pipe and on-site computer. With the surveyingand drawing software, various data could be displayed such as depth, inclinationand azimuth; the drilling trajectory could be drawn as well.

Specificationsand technical parameters:

Inclination  Error               ±0.2°-90° 90°

Azimuth    Error                  ±1.5° 360°

Working Temperature       -10+125

Pressure Strength               60MPa

Probe Size                             Φ32mm×1488mm

Probe Weight                       6.5kg

Computer Size                     238×160×83mm

Computer Weight               5.6kg

Battery Working Time       ≥30h

Size of Non-Magnetic Drill PipeΦ73mm/Φ63mm(Roundor Spiral pipe)


  1. Not only the inclinometer can takesurvey after drilling finished, but also it is able to take survey whiledrilling by using the time of inserting joint pipes without interrupting thedrilling process. The inclinometer could be mounted to the drilling head evenafter the drilling finished. In case of borehole wall sloughing, continue measurementafter pumping out coal cinder to ensure survey accuracy

  2. Stabilize the pipe for only 20 secondsbefore take survey every time. Survey process is simply press “Survey” buttonon the computer

  3. Battery can be replaced on-site

  4. When drilling and surveying finished,only bring the computer and drained  batteryto the ground, the probe and non-magnetic drilling pipe could be left on-sitewhich is convenient for miner

  5. The software can drawLeft/Right and Up/Down deviation graphic at each survey point between realdrilling track and designed drilling track. Also we can add special featuresunder clients’ requests.